Welcome to Red Rover Pet Care in Calgary, AB

Dog walking, dog & cat sitting or general pet care (Dog, Cat or exotics) in Calgary South - Red Rover Pet Care is your answer. Private Dog Walks and Pet Visits/Pet Care are our specialty.

Our pet care service provides an alternative to putting your pet in kennels while you are away or walking your dog when you are not able to. Our company ensures the special requests and needs of our customers and their pets are met. You will feel reassured knowing that your pet is in loving and capable hands while you are on vacation or at work.

Behavioral problems such as barking, chewing and digging are the result of isolation, boredom, and lack of exercise in dogs. Daily exercise is recommended to curb these problems. Red Rover Pet Care offers private dog walks. We offer one hour private or half hour private walks for older dogs or dogs not requiring lengthy walks. The walks are done in your community. We give a short daily report on how our walk went, how your dog was feeling that day and things we encountered on our journey.

Boarding your pet in an unfamiliar environment away from the home and possessions they are used to, along with your absence can cause a great deal of stress. Red Rover Pet Care offers companionship in their home to help keep stress levels down.

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